COBOL Support/Application Outsourcing

„Still 70% of the worldwide business  applications are running on COBOL”

COBOL started more than 50 years ago. Although numerous of market studies have forecasted the end of COBOL before the 21st century, – COBOL is still alive-  and driving mission critical applications.

Hence an important factor is that COBOL is able to use new technologies within modern IDE.

With the new Version of VISUAL COBOL from MicroFocus the integration of COBOL into Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or Cloud operating systems environments becomes reality.

Visaul COBOL allows developers to deploy their COBOL application on Java Virtual Machine, Microsoft Azure and .NET platforms.

We are specialized on the major COBOL Dialects like AcuCOBOL (Acu Extend), RM/COBOL, Net-Express und Visual COBOL.

Offering Know-How Transfer, Project Management and Software Development we are able to fully support you and your team in modernizing your COBOL application.

Together with our Partner MicroFocus we have worked out specific COBOL Trainings and Workshops.

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