Company Succession

„Company transfer – Chance and threat at the same time“

Your future as well as the one of your employees depends on a successful company transfer: The preservation of your lifework and the securing of the inheritance for the following generations. We support you with preparing for the topic of the company succession on time and professionally. Because the planning and the realization of the company succession are a complex challenge which junior and senior have to deal with by the time of the transfer. The Institut für Mittelstandsforschung found out in a study that approximately 30 percent of the effected companies disappear because of wrong or insufficient planning of the transfer. The reasons for the failure result from numerous problem fields like the search for a qualified successor, the conflict of generations between senior and junior or regulations of the law of inheritance. Furthermore a mutual blocking of the successors can get in the way or a difficult profit situation can lead to hasty decisions.

Our concept is a holistic consultation approach which includes one-on-one coachings as well as process moderations, as well as…

  • The competent support with strategic decisions
  • The clarification of conflicts of generations
  • The derivation of concrete measures
  • The target-oriented and co-ordinated process accompaniment
  • The career and life planning of all participants in one-on-one conversations
  • The professional moderation of the communication between predecessor and successor