HPe3000 MPE/iX Services

“A solid base”

MPE/iX has proven itself and enhanced for several product generations like no other system on the market. MPE/iX combines the openness of client-server-solutions with the reliability and security of standard mainframe-computer-concepts. We support your company with our know-how starting with trainings of your employees up to inhouse support by one of our IT-Professionals.

Besides, we support you during porting or migrating of your applications as well as your complete system on other platforms. Our long-lasting experience and know-how from numerous porting and migration projects are your benefit. Our purpose is to obtain the same amount of stability and availability on your future system.

As we are a close partner of the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard we grant access to newest information about HP-platforms.

MPE/iX Support

To the end of 2009, Hewlett-Packard ends its support for MPE/iX. For companies and organisations which are in need for MPE/iX support furthermore we offer special support options. Our operation system experts support you in line with individual maintenance options witch are customized for your special requirements.
We are working together with other enterprises which are able to carry on providing hardware support after 2009.
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Around HPe3000 and according topics we can provide a lot of seminars.

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OpenVMS Services

Software Modernisation on OpenVMS

The idea!

Does software grow old in fact? Is there a “date of expiry”? Criterias to give answer about these questions are multifaceted. In most cases just the optical appearance or the form or quality of keeping the data are questioned to decide which software to renew. Last but not least the organisation of source codes and the availability of tools and the applications flexibility rules this reflection. But what happens to the logic of your applications? Does logic grow old? Applications and their provided environment are merely the wrapping or the logic. It’s the logic what holds an essential part of an institutions fund. How would it be if we point out to you the “quite simple” exchange of the GUI or data keeping of this wrapping?

The technique

Substitution of proprietary routines

Calling proprietary routines (e.g. screen handling or calling the operating system) is substituted against OS-independent calls. Therefor it is independent from used programming languages. The applications structure won’t be touched. Only passed parameters may be in need to get customized. Depending on the applications structure it’s possible to use tools which convert automatically and therby reducing manual work.

Automatically converting screen masks

The screen masks on OpenVMS (FMS, TDMS, DEC-Forms) have ever proved oneself but there is a window of opportunity. With integrating professional applications in a up-to-date integrated development environment (IDE) it is possible to upvalue your systems. With the help of our tools we can make it possible to automatically convert your specific screen masks to modern Microsoft Windows screens. The mechanical convertion rusults in formats you may enhance at will.

Windows Look and Feel

With replacing your charactermode based screen masks all possibilities of graphical user interfaces are availabel. Integration of nearly every control element of a Windows-environment is possible and ensures highest possible ease of use. Windows libraries can be linked and products from Microsoft can be integrated (e.g. Word, Excel).

New technologies for your OpenVMS

Is your application to serve an XML-port in future or read-out relational databases connected with ODBC? No Problem! We reveal to you how to insert new technologies in the background (XML, …) or on your graphical user interface (graphics, up-to-date control elements) in your existing sourcecode and we accompany you on your way to a perfect application. Using modern thin-client technology it is possible spreading out graphical interfaces over network while the applications remain on the server. Terminals can be replaced with adequate personal computers without losing funktionality. With an IDE it is possible to develop your screen masks comfortable. You won’t lose overview of complex projects any more. Everything mentioned above and much more is possible on OpenVMS. You cannot believe?

We can prove!


Our seminars and workshops according OpenVWS are practice oriented.

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