IT-Personnel Services


Due to many years of expertise and successful projects, we have established an extensive consulting network of IT-Professionals. With these experts and specialists, who are working for our customers for many years, we are able to support the most important operating systems, databases and development languages.

Business activities

The know-how of our IT-Professionals supports your organisation exactly where you need them
and “adhoc”. With “hands-on” they do work productively for you from the beginning.

Personnel resources

Business process: SAP R/3, DIAMOS, ITIL, StreamServe
Languages: COBOL, RPG, Java, Python, C, C#, VB, VBA
Operation Systems: OpenVMS, MPE, NonStop, z/OS, OS/390, MVS, VSE, OS/400, BS2000, Unix, Linux, Windows
Databases: IMAGE, Eloquence, RDB, DB2, IMS, Oracle, RMS, MS SQL Server, MySQL

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