Organisational Development

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” (Aristoteles)

We know: companies and organisations are dynamic and complex systems. For their continued existence the willingness and ability for change are elementary. Based on experience punctual changes can only provide suboptimal results. From our point of view sustainable and substantial improvements are made in organisations with purposeful and co-ordinated organisational development measures.

Therefore we understand by organisational development especially…

  • The initiation of processes of change,
  • The use of integral measures of change,
  • The development of meaningful visions, goals and strategies,
  • The improvement of the collaboration within teams and between hierarchical levels,
  • The clarification of conflicts,
  • The initiation of dialogues for reflection and development.

A selection of our OD-offers:

  • Management-Dialogue
  • Project management and hierarchy
  • Communication and Information management
  • Conflict moderation
  • Team development
  • Changemanagement
  • Corporate culture
  • Employee survey as an instrument of the OD
  • Addiction at the job
  • Mobbing prevention