„Termination should end with the job not the man“  (Bill Morin)

Outplacement measures offer your company the opportunity to recognize your social responsibility through professional accompaniment of unavoidable dismissals. Through the loss of the job laid off persons often have emotions like insecurity, self-doubts and despondency. The feeling of powerlessness can find expression in destructive behaviour or anger towards the company. DIsmissals which are not absorbed socially can not only leave internal but also external image damages. This is where we start off with our Outplacement consultation, because classical compensation measures are often not sufficient to prevent this. In the course of single and group consultations with you and your employees we look for a jont repositioning.

Which advantages does Outplacement consultation offer?

For the company…

  • Waiver of apparent solutions or rather procratination of decisions
  • No bonding of own ressources
  • Relexation of the dismissal conversation through giving a prospect
  • Time and ressource savings through reduction of the expenditure for negotiations for a mutual   separation
  • Cost savings through shortening of the remaining term of expensive contracts of employment, reduced severence payments as well as through the avoidance of litigations
  • Prevention of internal and external image damages
  • Positive effect on leaving and remaining employees
  • Preservation or rather increase of the reputation on qualified applicants as well as (potential) clients through the demonstration of social responsability

For the leaving employee…

  • Competent support with coping with the separation
  • Self- and external assessment of the achievement potential
  • Analysis of the possibilities on the job market
  • Benefit from the contacts of the personnel consultant
  • Acceleration of the searching process
  • Help with the evaluation of offers
  • Competitive advantage over other jobseekers