We are offering new possibilities to drive “Legacy” applications on innovative platforms which will guarantee the adjustment to a fast changing world. Rehosting gives you the possibility to operate your “Legacy” applications in an Open Operating System environment, requiring only marginal adjustments to your programs and scripts. This conversion offers you a stable and cost-effective alternative to your proprietary Systems.

Technology and Architecture

The Rehosting technology of our partners offers the migration of IBM, OS/390, z/OS and VSE based applications to a wide range of Open Operating System platforms. The XFRAME architecture guarantees a high performance on Unix-, Linux- and Windows-environments where your mainframe applications are fully compatible and executable. So you can take full advantage of modern CPUs, SMP and clustered architectures.


  • Lower maintenance and administration costs of your IT
  • Low or even no costs for additional user trainings
  • Smooth migration of existing applications without downtime
  • Efficient programmability by using new powerful development environments
  • Easy integration of the legacy applications to new Software technologies

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