RPG Migration Tool “BB-RATE”

A number of commercial legacy applications still rely on RPG-based programs and reports.
RPG was designed to appeal to a set of people who were familiar with punched card accounting equipment – collators, reproducing punches, accounting machines. Much of the terminology in RPG relates to this origin in punched card methodologies like – indicator “switches”, matching records, and control levels.

Today RPG does not play any significant role in the area of programming languages hence finding programmers or analysts having RPG know-how may become a strange problem.

Since RPG has an extreme structural layout (punch card like) programmers had no chance implement any individual style of programming.
One more reason why automated migration of RPG code to business-oriented languages like COBOL is quite “easily” to maintain.
Thus, CIO planning to modernize their legacy applications are forced to reengineer the RPG code in huge and time-consuming projects binding their IT-resources.

That’s the reason why we have developed BB-RATE (RPG Analysis and Translation Environment) which automatically migrates all your legacy RPG code to COBOL.

BB-RATE will be offered as a migration service by B+B since it does not make sense to train your IT-experts on a tool which will be used only once. Your single concern is having migrated your RPG code into a ‘readable’, executable and maintainable COBOL code, running on the target operating system platform, and the chosen COBOL envirmonment.
BB-RATE for migrating RPG to COBOL.

RPG programs have a fixed operation cycle for input, calculation, and output of data. This fixed structure makes RPG programs compact and easy to understand. BB-Rate simulates by means of infrastructure copy books the RPG cycle and produces similarly comprehensive COBOL source code.

Therefore, the conversion process is based on a semantic mapping of RPG structures to equivalent COBOL code. Various configuration switches can be used to customize the generated COBOL code. Examples are the level of traceability to the original RPG code by means of inline comments, the style of the COBOL code or naming conventions.

Character data translation like EBCDIC to ASCII as well as the handling of specific code-pages for character encoding are recognized and solved thru customization of BB-RATE as well.

BB-RATE Migration Tool is available for all mainframe-based application environments and it covers RPG for IBM/370, IBM/390, z/OS, VSE, MVS, BS2000.

With BB-RATE we are able to easily implement state-of-the-art technologies into the target COBOL, as well as your special requirements for modernization aspects. This is a major benefit and it allows developers to use modern IDEs like Eclipse for further development afterwards.

BB-RATE Offering:
• Full RPG to COBOL applications migration
• COBOL source code that is easy to read and to maintain
• No proprietary runtime routines required – native source code
• State-of-the-art translation thru new Java-based migration engine
• ‘Migrate and go’ concept – not blocking any of your resources
• Support/Training on migrated COBOL Code

Your Benefits:
• Migration process as a service
• 1:1 migration – no impact on your mission critical application
• No impact on your team resources
• Short project duration
• no project risk


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