StART Analysis

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StART your Legacy Modernization

B+B’s Software Strategy Analysis and Reporting Tool “ StART” was designed anddeveloped to highlight strategies prior to the  implementation of concrete measures. StART is designed such that even complex projects (involving 100 or more applications) can be analyzed within four to six months.

It is a challenge to conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing application structure on host systems. We have to deal with the number and complexity of applications along with mutual dependencies among applications. Our solution: We deploy automated tools and customized e-questionnaires. After that we can make a first assessment of individual applications, generating application families. The last step is an iterative drill-down of results and a clear visualization. Our results provide a robust foundation for decisions regarding the modernization of application landscape. Risks and dependencies are identified and weighted. Our Analysis can be repeated and updated at any time. An integrated procedural model supports you and your project team in devising right strategy for success. For each of your applications, StART evaluates the right strategy!

StART Whitepaper

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