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B+B & Neperia Group

Our italian partnership for your modernisation strategy

Neperia Group & B+B’s partnership relies on the importance of giving to our customers the possibility to deal with their modernisation strategy providing innovative technological products, developed in-house, and specific capabilities acquired over the years in software analysis and strategy evaluation.

The strenght of our partnership aims at delivering a project customised on the business objective of the Customer, answering the need for digital evolution plans from the assessment and documentation to the following modernisation of the application architecture.

Our Partner

Neperia Group simplifies technological innovation, always by your side in the digitalisation process thanks to our experience in analysing complex software and developing customised solutions

Business Entscheidung


Neperia Group and BB present on the market services, methodology and tools in order to facilitate strategy determination and Software Information/knowledge discovery also through the code interview. By combining the use of SEA Manager & KPS, our Software Intelligence Platform, with START, B+B’s Software Strategy Analysis and Reporting Tool, we are able to provide the following services:

Strategy Definition

We evaluate applications to support clients in the definition of their evolution strategies: Retain, Rehost, Replace, Retire, Reengineering (5R evaluation)

Knowledge Rebuilding

We analyse applications operating logics to build a complete and deep documentation of the application and recover the full knowledge also providing metrics for quality measurement

Application Modernisation

After the determination of the right strategy for your software asset, we support you during the modernisation project through SEA Manager’s automatic migration process

New opening!

B+B is delighted to communicate that we opened a new office in Italy, focused on Knowledge Rebuilding service!

You can now find us in Rome!