IT-Strategy Analysis

Simply Informed Decisions

We provide the insights you need for straightforward decision-making.

StART – Software Strategy Analysis & Reporting Tool

  • Identification of modernization strategy
  • Short project duration: 4-6 months
  • Automated analysis and evaluation

RaCE – Rapid Cloud-readiness Estimation

  • Identification of legacy application “cloud potential”
  • Minimal project duration: approx. 2 weeks
  • Automated analysis based on StART

SKYe – Software Knowledge Yield environment 

  • Gathering information/knowledge from various sources (code, database, documentation)
  • Restructuring and re-referencing of information
  • Providing navigable, structured documentation

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Simple, XXX, Modernisation

Proposals for modernization strategies for each individual program, transparent and comprehensible.

STorM – Source Transformation and Migration 

  • Various language conversions available
  • Assembler Migration Tool ➞ AsTra
  • RPG Migration Tool ➞ RATE

DAM – Data Analysis and Migration 

  • Migration from file-based to database-based data
  • Format conversions
  • Migration from one database system to another

MAST – Modernisation of Architecture, Source and Technology 

  • Engineering projects conducted by B+B
  • Restructuring of COBOL applications to future-proof them
  • Integration of new technologies into COBOL systems

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Engineering Support

Simply Sensible Outsourcing

Delegate your programming tasks to our attentive and reliable colleagues.

TEaM – Tailored Engineering and Modernisation 

  • COBOL Support/Maintenance
  • Application Outsourcing
  • We are the TEaM for your applications

CREW Competence Rescaling by Expert Workforce 

  • Benefit from our technical experts
  • On-site services provided by our experts
  • Rent/lease our CREW for your project

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